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Once upon a time, there was this gal called Jess who never grew up, that arrived to this land, to post her #doodles and #drawings . But due to a terrible spell (called "fandomus terriblus") she ended up posting random things she liked as well. Big fan of disney, anime, cookies Pokemon and Zooey Deschanel.

True story.

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svenjamarlene asked: I just stumbled across your channel and you blew my mind!! You have so much talent. I am in awe. Could you do another Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln drawing, pretty please?? That would make my day! :)


Oh, thank you!! 

Well, i have some other things i’d like to get done first…but i would really like to make another less dorky drawing of Rick soon!! I love him.

— 9 hours ago
#svenjamarlene  #the youkai tries to answer questions  #requests 
Anonymous asked: Omg I really love the way you draw and color and everything else!! (Falls down because of jealousy*)



*falls down beacuse nice comment*

AAaaaaaa…Thank you!!! Im really happy that you like the stuff i do, that’s one of the reasons i do stuff for after all!! And knowing that people actually like them keeps me motivated. Don’t be jelly, its just a matter of practicing c:

— 2 days ago
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Anonymous asked: How old are u???????? Your drawings are amazing


Thank you!! Im a 23 yr old hag ahaha. Just days away from being 24 tough *cries* 


— 2 days ago
#the youkai tries to anwer questions  #anon 
Anonymous asked: Despite your belief your walking dead drawing very funny (and adorable)



Awww…I really appreciate you coming here just to tell me that my humor might not be as lame as i thought. Thanks for the nice words…you are the sweetest!! c:

— 6 days ago
#anon  #awww  #jess talks nonsense  #puts in jar for rainy day 
thesocietyofmadhatters asked: i am jealous of your mukuro shrine


Hiya fellow Mukuro fan!! c:

HA HA, aww don’t be…you wouldn’t be jealous of the emptyness of my wallet ; u ;


— 6 days ago
#thesocietyofmadhatters  #who needs to buy food anyway  #Jess talks nonsense 

Someone made me a random doodle of Mukuro with a pidgey on her head…and i loved it so much i asked if i could do a full version of it.

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Phew! A few hours and photoshop crashes later im done!!

Some of this were for a pkmncollectors thing and the rest  from the requests. Sorry i couldn’t do all of them ; u ;

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Any pokemon requests??

I have this nasty artblock…and pokemon are my favorite way to get out of them c:

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My unnamed moster rabbit. He sure likes strawberries

My unnamed moster rabbit. He sure likes strawberries

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